Wagtail Hose Humper

'Wagtail' Hose Humper

The Tramspread ‘Wagtail’ hose humper pivots to both left and right, which enables more accurate hose placing outside tramlines which reduces pipe wear.

The mechanism reduces damage to the crop when spreading because the operator does not have to leave the tramlines when moving the hose.

The option to move the hose either side of the tractor also helps the the operator to avoid obstacles more easily.

The hydraulic offset and raising the wheel into the transport position is controlled from the tractors spool valve. When raised it also leaves the tractor pickup hitch available for other implements such as trailed hose realer or pump trailer. A breaking mechanism allows for the wheel to spin freely or be locked in position.

By choosing to use the Wagtail, operators can reduce stress on pipe and couplings, which in turn risks the of leaks and spills.