After many years of contracting and trialling many makes of polyurethane and nitrile rubber drag hose, we recommend the use of GOLLMER & HUMMEL and SNAP-TITE hose. We stock both Polyurethane (PU) and Rubber lay flat hose in a wide variety of sizes.


G&H Hose is tough and durable with outstanding resistance to abrasion and the normalisation process enables the hose to retain it’s bore size even under pressure, without inadvertently expanding. Together with it’s immense tensile strength, this creates a hose well suited to heavy duty work and is long lasting.


Designed to move slurry quickly and efficiently, Snap-tite is smarter by design: 100% high tenacity yarn extruded with thru-the-weave polyurethane creates a strong hose that also resists snaking for excellent flow and superior productivity. Bosting all around durability with its high burst pressure rating and high tensile strength giving you the reliability you require to get the job done.


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