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Folding PTO mixers

Reck Folding PTO Mixers

Reck manufacturers three types of folding PTO mixer:

  • Tiger
  • Leopard
  • Jaguar

Reck Tiger

The best-selling Tiger model is suitable for access points larger than 60cm and has a folding frame. No hoist chains are required because the Tiger can be raised and inserted using the tractor’s hydraulics.

Reck Leopard

The cost effective Gepard mixer is suitable for accessing slurry openings larger than 80cm. It features a cranked folding frame and is adjustable using the tractor’s hydraulics or a manual spindle.

Reck Jaguar

The easy-to-use Jaguar can be used for access points larger than 60cm and has a cranked folding frame. It features an additional hydraulic cylinder which is independent of the tractor’s hydraulics.

For more information and advice on the range of Reck folding PTO mixers please contact us or download the brochure here.

Mammoth Mixer

Reck Mammoth Tower Mixer

Reck slurry mixers combine intelligent technology and robust manufacturing with simple handling. The Mammoth tower mixer offers a secure and powerful mixing solution that is ideal for concrete or steel storage tanks.

The Mammoth has a six-metre tower that enables the user to manually move the mixing rod through 270 degrees. It can be operated from a lower console and from the platform, sits on adjustable stays, and is easy to operate and maintain. It is capable of running at 800 rpm and requires a tractor with a minimum of 150 horsepower.

If you have a large, above ground storage tank the mammoth is a powerful mixer that can rise to the challenge.

For more information, please contact us or download the Reck mixer brochure here.

Ocelot Extension Frame

Reck Ocelot Frame Extension

The Reck Ocelot frame extension can be used with the Typhoon or Jaguar PTO mixers to create a powerful agitator for slurry tanks up to 3m above ground level. It can also be used to agitate slurry in pits and lagoons.

Using the Ocelot extension frame enables a mixing length of up to 13m to help reach over embankments and deeper in to homogenise slurry more effectively. Using Ocelot with the folding Jaguar PTO mixer enables more effective mixing of slurry in covered storage whilst coupling the frame with the Typhoon PTO mixer will improve the reach and angle when mixing slurry in open pits and lagoons.

For more information on Ocelot and the PTO mixers in the Reck range please contact us or download the brochures.

Reck Electric Mixer

Reck Blizzard electric mixer

The Reck Blizzard is an electric mixer suitable for attaching to the side of slurry storage. It is light and easy for one person to set up and operate. The Blizzard can also be attached to a wheeled frame, Solomobile, to make moving it to different parts of the farm easy.

The Blizzard is fully galvanized and has no ball bearings making it durable and long lasting. It is available in a variety of lengths up to 8m and can be fixed to a front loader, attached to the wall of a tank or the edge of a lagoon. This extremely adaptable design makes the electric mixer suitable for almost every slurry situation.

For more information about the Blizzard and to discuss which model would be best for your farm please contact us or download the brochure here.

Rigid PTO Mixer

The Reck Typhoon Rigid PTO mixer is suitable for open slurry stores and lagoons. It is available in lengths from 4.4m to 11.3m. This mixer is capable of homogenising the strongest surface crusts thanks to its specially formed three blade high efficiency propellers.

It can be run at 1000 rpm and is easy for one person to operate alone. It attaches to the tractor’s three-point linkage and can be easily adjusted using a manual spindle or hydraulic cylinder.

The rigid mixers come in two types. The Turbo is the standard model and is more than capable of dealing with most slurry stores. For larger lagoons with potentially thicker crusts at a long distance from the tractor we advise considering the stronger, reinforced Jumbo model which is designed to be used with more powerful tractors.

For more information on the Reck Rigid mixers please contact us or download a brochure here.

Slatted Floor Mixers

Reck slatted floor mixers

Reck has developed a slurry mixer that fits between the slats in livestock housing, avoiding the need to remove slats, which reduces the danger of mixing the slurry collected below. Reck’s slatted floor mixer can be inserted through slats as small as 17mm and enables safe mixing with little disruption to livestock. This makes pumping easier and reduces the need for farm workers to risk going below to attend potentially dangerous blockages.

There are two models. The Porco is designed for pigsties whilst the Torro is for cowsheds. Both are light, portable and can be operated by one person. Once inserted through a gap the blades automatically unfold when the mixer is started. It can then be swivelled laterally which enables large areas to be stirred from one location.

Slurry that collects below livestock housing is often the hardest to access. Creating space to mix slurry through the floor can be dangerous for both farm workers and livestock. By removing the need for large access points the slatted floor mixer keeps workers and livestock safely away from the slurry when it is being mixed.

For more information and prices on the Porco or the Torro please contact us or download the brochure here.

Tornado Mixer

Reck Tornado 

The Reck Tornado is ideally suited to mixing above ground slurry stores and can also be used for open lagoons and covered slurry storage. The Tornado attaches easily to a front loader or telehandler and with its hydraulic drive it can be operated from within a tractor.

The Tornado is designed for both pushing and pulling work. The triple blade offers highly efficient mixing and can be powered by either the orbital motor drive (200 bar) or the radial motor drive (250 bar).

For more information about the Reck Tornado please contact us.


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