Slurry Stores



Dutch company Albers Alligator has been manufacturing bag tanks for more than 35 years.

These tanks represent a cost-effective and flexible solution to contain slurry in small and large volumes. Bag tanks range in size from 200 cubic metres to 7,000 cubic metres and can be located on any soil type as only a shallow foundation is needed. The tanks have integral hydraulic or electric stirrers, fill/empty pipes and are self-venting so relatively little management or farmer involvement is needed.

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The Stallkamp stainless-steel tank is created in a segment-like design from profile-reinforced stainless steel shell plates on a concrete base plate. The stainless steel will not suffer corrosion as quickly as other steel alternatives and represents a practical long-term investment.

The upper tank edge is constructed from an extra-rigid edge profile. The shell plates are joined together and sealed with the concrete slab using a manure and wastewater-proof special sealant. The connection of the tank wall to the base plate is made by a circular stainless steel floor bracket, which is fastened with bolt anchors.

Almost any size of tank can be created, and Stallkamp offers many stock sizes to choose from.

  • Tailored and individual production
  • More than 300 standard tank sizes
  • Custom-made products available on request

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The Agri-Tank concrete store is designed to meet all your slurry and digestate storage requirements It is available in capacities from 200m3 up to 7000m3 with a design life of 50 years. Filling and emptying pipes and valves can be designed to your requirements alongside other options which include mixers, gantries, and an Agri-Cover roof.

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Albers Alligator manufactures Winbag, a portable bag tank. These smaller bag tanks range from 100 cubic metres to 350 cubic metres and are typically used as overflow storage but can be used as a temporary and portable solution requiring only a level, smooth site. A reeling device called Winsystem rolls the whole bag on to a trailer and will unreel it in another location.

The ability to take these bags almost anywhere on the farm, unreel and fill, offers a solution for difficult to reach fields. The bags are watertight so can be remotely situated, tanker filled, or pumped to, and emptied when the slurry is needed.

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