Spread Bars


Available in spread widths from 8m (single outlet), through 12m (twin outlet) up to 24m (triple outlet), Tramspread spread bars are built to a high quality and are fully galvanised.

With attention to setting of height and output angle on the twin outlet boom it is possible to produce a spread pattern with a coefficient of variation of below 20% in the field. A low-level spread with large droplets ensures even distribution of slurry. Reduced drift eliminates environmental nuisance caused by smell.

  • Galvanised, heavy duty construction
  • Hydraulic vertical folding allows access to tractor pick-up hitch
  • Auto transport safety latches with securing pins
  • 3-point linkage with female A-frame
  • Twin hydraulic sluice valves for left and right slurry control
  • Front mounted swinging arm permits U-turn
Tramspread 3m Nozzle Spreader
Tramspread Single Jet Nozzle Spreader


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