PTO Drive Pumps


Bauer Magnum SX1000

The Bauer SX 1000 tractor driven slurry pump is suited to larger farmers and contractors, who require a high-performance pump to supply today’s ever longer umbilical systems. It has a minimum power requirement of 150hp and is supplied complete with hydraulic primer or optional auto primer, six-inch inlet, four-inch outlet with gate valve and compressor coupling. All mounted on a heavy duty three-point linkage galvanised frame with a heavy-duty PTO shaft. (Download leaflet for performance curves)

  • Easily handles up to 12% solids
  • Capacity of up to 300 m3/hour
  • Manometric head of up to 140m
  • High cutting performance
  • Engineered for long life
  • Efficient and economical
  • Low operating costs
  • Easy maintenance
  • Self-primer (optional equipment)

Magnum slurry pumps are designed with a special chopper on the suction side. This chopper guarantees trouble-free operation even if the slurry contains solids like straw, fibrous material and clots or sludge up to not more than 12%.

Bespoke pipework arrangements can be produced to include Return to Store and Sponge Ball Launcher (Pig Launcher).

Bauer Magnum SM540

The SM540 tractor driven slurry pump is a cost-effective option and is suited to transfer work and small umbilical systems. It has similar characteristics as the SX1000 but lower output and power requirement whilst retaining the same engineering quality.

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