New GSM slurry pump remote

New GSM slurry pump remote

We have launched a new remote control for engine driven pumps that operates using Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM). The Teletram 2020 GSM remote does not rely on radio connectivity and instead can connect a mobile device, using its 2G to 5G data connection, to one or multiple engine driven pumps.

The remote control features a seven-inch colour screen and industrial grade instrumentation that can be operated using Apple or Android mobile devices. Communication is not compromised by distance and multiple pump units can be controlled by the same device.

The Teletram has been designed in collaboration with automation specialists CTRL. As little as 2G connectivity is sufficient to send commands that will control one, or multiple, pump units more safely and reliably, and the operator can use any mobile device that can access a 2G to 5G network. This helps to address concerns that traditional radio-controlled remotes can be interrupted by others in the area using the same frequency, or that a signal may be lost when pumping long distances.

The remote has sensors for inlet pressure, outlet pressure and can monitor the slurry store level. It also has an air compressor control with an air pressure sensor. Operators will be able to start, stop, increase, and decrease the throttle, and divert from mix to field, whilst also being able to monitor the engine for low oil pressure, high coolant temperature, and low coolant level. This will help to avoid costly downtime and it also gives the operator more data and control.

The Teletram remote is controlled using one mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet. Multiple pumps can be monitored and adjusted from the tractor cab or can be handheld at the slurry source. Our contracting division has been testing four controls since we started development three years ago and we recently sold the first commercial units to operators in Scotland and France.

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